Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Good evening (very late evening!)
Tonight i'm going to start off with a few little examples of the work i've been doing over the last 12 months in my Visual role. 
Thankfully working in a department store lets me work with some GREAT product be it premiere or budget, all of it can and has been used in a few different ways to highlight a few key trends that have come and gone.

First up is a Homeware window used to highlight a brand we have by Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic.
This is actually the second time i've made a window using this product  the first being my very first window as a visual nearly 2 years ago.
The challenge with the space & the product come two fold as the window itself was quite narrow and I was keen not to cover old ground in my using the same furniture as before.
But i'm happy to say I think I did the brand justice, holding to Ashwell's home decor philosophy of 'Comfort, the beauty of imperfections, the allure of time-worn objects, and the appeal of simple practical living'

Below are a few snaps of the window space and the accompanying information on Shabby Chic.

Apologies for the glare, the centre we are based in is very light absorbing & can sometimes provide some pretty good views but can prove a little difficult to take photos in.
Sofa section highlighting soft furnishings & Living paraphernalia
All the stock from the windows can be found & bought on the House of Fraser website and or Including a link to Rachel Ashwell's personal blog on her inspirations for the brand. Go take a look see!
More of the Window space showcasing a little of the kitchen & bedroom furnishings.

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