Sunday, 19 May 2013

Global Traveler site Pt 1

So recently at work I've been allowed to have my own project on the men's floor to spruce up the place visually.
So I decided on making a 5 mannequin grouping a little more imaginative then the current setup:

Needless to say the current theme... not so interesting huh?

So in an attempt to jazz it up a bit I went about getting some ideas down and making a presentation to the dept store manager (nervous as hell!), of which she thankfully approved of, and setting in motion what I wanted to achieve.

So what did I want to do???

I wanted something long lasting, interesting and visually exciting. Something intrinsically men's oriented. In the end I stopped on travel and exploration. There are few things that set a guys imagination going then exploring and a feature of that is a good old fashioned map!

Using one of 2 large wooden bags we retain for in-store displays as a base I covered it in backing paper, then went about attaching pre-stained (with tea & coffee for the primary school vintage look- so pro!) maps from various atlases & fold outs using double sided sticky tape.

From there it was an afternoon of arranging, moving and shaping the overall layout of the maps, all of which overlapped like an explorers desk, to give a less uniform but still maintained look.

Next 5 mannequins were arranged around and on top of the feature prop, with wooden crates to provide interest points for small stock displays. This in turn provided ample opportunity to duel display stock otherwise unseen as accessories are usually the first thing on a guy's list of things to buy.

The photos included are only a couple of the overall I took of the building and making process. The rest will be posted on my deviant art page which is link on the left hand toolbar (if not search neo-mogorx).

The next post will be on the styling and a few more little bits about eh making process ending in a review of the piece. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and get in touch! Always like some constructive criticism!

Thanks for the quick read, look out for part 2!!!

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