Tuesday, 28 May 2013


So I thought SCREW IT! DOUBLE POST! This time its a cosplay post (if you couldn't guess from the title)

With Ayacon about 3 months away I thought I'd post a little bit of what i've done already this year... Yeah not a lot!

I say that I've managed to pull off a few small and relatively inexpensive cosplays that actually proved to be pretty fun! So first up is what I wore to Midlands expo all the way back in February. This was a 2 parter as the cosplay was to go with a few friends in Code Geass cosplay group for Minami Con later in March.

Hardest part of this cosplay? The separate double breast piece that literally floats atop the jacket. Needless to say with some seam wizardry I managed to top stitch it down with the machine using the biased edge as an anchor point. Then I turned the bias binding by hand-stitching it to get the clean look. I love blind bias binding! SO CLEAN!

The buttons were a nice little find from an old coat I had knocking around and suitably harvested & the insignia on the neck were simply appliqued on using the time and tested method of tracing PVA glue over the sketched image I had & then cut out and attach using a little more of the sticky white stuff ;)
PRO TIP: Do this PVA method on your applique before you cut out to stop from any fraying. Be careful though and always test it out on your fabric sample first!
The outfit was made using cotton bias, polycotton black for breath-ability and a little bit of drill for weight on the belt.

Next up is the Other cosplay I made for Minami con in March, again to go with a friend's cosplay. This time it was Kamille Bidan from Gundam Zeta in his casual clothes you see in a I think episode 18 or 19. The top was made from a cotton jersey and the sleeves were hemmed at the cuff with elastic to follow the reference images.
The top needed a slightly 70s/80s feel to it so I made it slightly larger then it should be and used the cotton jersey to add a little float to achieve the overall look. Green wig in tow (noticeably no need for styling save for a little brushing and hairspray for hold) I was ready to be Bright & Sheen slapped!

Also this proved a challenge as the neckline had to be rolled. I've only ever made one other roll necked top and that used stretch material. The jersey had a little to it but not much so it was a little bit of a fight to get it to do what I wanted and not end up with a snood. The pic to the left only shows the garment WIP. The sleeves and bottom have yet to be hemmed inserted with elastic. Overall a SUPER comfy top!

Okay more cosplay to come next time but for now go check out minami con and MCM Midlands expo websites for more info on each (can't find them? GOOGLE!)

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