Monday, 4 November 2013

#SewNovember Project

For November myself and a few others have decided to attempt to make things that we wouldn't normally. The concept is to challenge yourself with something new and if you finish it, to start something else. This is to coincide with the premise of nanowrimo which takes place in November. Therefore sewing & blogging as I'm not a writer haha! 
My project will be a little adventurous as I'll be making a sofa cover out of remnants & fabric I've obtained from a previous job. To that end there is a massive amount to do and sadly the first post isn't overly exciting. ALL the unpicking! Essentially I have to unpick the old cover to get the pattern, then draft it, cut it put then sew. This will take a while... So here's a little shot of some of the work so far! More tomorrow! 

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