Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ayacon 2013 cosplays revealed!

Last post referred to the cosplays was going to undertake for Ayacon 2013. Needless to say they are below!

I'm really happy with how both came out, more so because of the reception they got as well! I have some very talented friends with cameras so go check out more pictures on my deviantart and cosplayisland accounts (linked on this page) for more! But here are two pics that were pretty boss that I thought needed popping up! Enjoy!

For context they're HIM from teh Powerpuff girls which was worn at the Cosplay Chess event on the sunday and Dah'Yis from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, worn for the masquerade and photo shoot on the saturday!

PS New project starting soon so look out for reg updates on here on cosplay progress!

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