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Top 10 Party Dresses For Christmas 2011 Part 2!

So here it is the final 5! As with the previous post I will post the links to the various websites for your viewing and possible buying pleasure! Hope you like these ones guys, there are some real special treats here!


At number 5 is this gorgeous dress by BEN de LISI brought to you by Debenhams. I put this at number 5 simply because of the back detailing. No other dress I have found has had this much sculpting and detailing at the rear of a dress. This is one of those impressive subtle uppercuts most boxer's get in when closing a match!
The beautiful bow that sits in the centre of the back almost obi-like provides a simple yet elegant central eye line so as the rest of the detailing does not get over complicated.
Add in the pleats above and the small swathe of fabric below, simplicity is retained whilst embellishing in all the right places. This dress is pure elegance with it's 50's A-line cut and will give any man more reason to look back after you pass him by!


This beautiful little number had to go forth as it proves to all how being feminine can come from the most understated of dresses.  This little LBD with it's small but powerful splashes of baby pink provide such a simple yet elegant look. With a lace finish to really hit home the femininity of this piece, it's the subtlety that claimed it it's position. You don't need to have a massive princess dress, or swathes of fabric draped over you to look feminine and sexy in a dress. All you need, as this gem proves, is the right accents or colour, texture and cut to really show off that cracking figure!


Ok forgive me on this one. I understand this isn't strictly a dress and nor does it conform to the majority of my criteria but in all honesty playsuits are and will always be for those leggy women who want to show off their height by making their legs look like the go on for miles!
The reason why i popped this one in was because it has so much appeal to the market at the moment. Think Samantha Jones (Sex & the City) with it's Gold rhinestone embellished bodice. Teamed with it's billowing legs, shows that even if you're tall then you can get away with looking fabulous without resorting to flats or a maxi dress.
Topshop have played a blinder with this one, as after looking around they seem to have one of the nicest jumpsuits on the highstreet. Granted Linea by House of Fraser do a good job (if a little understated) but this one won out with it's glam/bling opulence! If you want to look glam and different this Christmas then jump into this jumpsuit and strut girls! A guy loves a girl with confidence and this screams just that!


Selfridges at some point had to make the list. Yes they're high-end, yes they're expensive but i said there had to be wiggle room... even if it is £1,965!
It was such a hard choice for the top two. The beautiful lines this has made it a top contender from the start. It's classic fishtail cut is the epitome of style and class; simple, elegant and more then enough of a statement with it's flared base. But what really stole the show for me? How sassy it looks in red! Go and have a go with the colour change feature- seriously looks amazing in either colour! I find this so hard to get sometimes when you cross colours with dresses, some just don't cross-over well enough and can look cheap in something other then the original.
Roland Mouret has done a superb job with this dress, from its simple yet beautiful lines to the rolled accent under the neckline. If you ladies want to look the picture of elegance, the epitome of style and the sexiest lady in the room then this is for you! (That's providing you can afford the price tag! Sorry girls!)


And finally we come to our top spot! This one I will explain.
I have had a very rough relationship since I was introduced to Lipsy London this year. Their dresses typically feature more body con then anyone else (aside from New look!) and tend to gear their clothing to a younger demographic. However what sold this piece to me was it's break from the norm 9much like number 10 the Hobbs military dress).
It screams fun but at the same time highlights all the key areas of the body. From the top down, it's subtle sweetheart bodice lovingly frames the bust which is then delicately shaped with the rest of the upper body by the inbuilt corset. As you reach the waist a midriff empire line slashes you in two and then a beautiful gradient cut-away front guides the dress softly backwards to frame the legs. Finished with a small train at the rear, this piece could be worn for any office party or red carpet event!
What i also love about this piece is that for once Lipsy haven't gone overboard with the bling. This dress is subtle enough with it's beads to make sure the key areas of the waist and bum are accentuated just enough for it to provide volume to your frame where you need it. The dress shows thought, design and care. This is why it is at the top for me.

What i have taken away from this is not only are there some cracking pieces out currently for you ladies to try and show off to us lucky guys but also there is a lot more thought, design and care coming into dresses for the highstreet. Big names are realising that more thought is needed with key pieces to collections and mass production is by no means a way to dress the masses unless you can churn out gold! To that end the pieces I've listed all show that even from big chains or little boutiques there is finally some divergence away from money making Prom or poorly fitted middi dresses. Although not a massive difference it shows that change is on the cards if you really look for it.

I hope you've enjoyed this, the first top 10 I hope of many! If you have any ideas for my next then please drop me a line via my twitter account ( or @KuroStylr if you're already a follower) or drop me a line here in the comments section! Always glad to hear from you guys!

Many thanks guys! Hopefully will have some highstreet gems for the boys next week! So keep watching ladies and gents!

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