Monday, 5 December 2011

Top 10 Party Dresses for Christmas 2011 Part 1

So I may have been a tad lax in posting recently what with traveling and work but thankfully having had a weekend off and subsequently a day or so to finalise my favourites, below are the first 5 dresses I think would make any Christmas party a blinder!  The criteria I had were varied but I managed to stick to at least 3.
1. each dress had to be from the highstreet.
2. All of them had to be affordable to an extent (with wiggle room here and there)
3. All of them had to be different. There had to be something that set them apart from all the others you see on the highstreet these days.

With that in mind i have spent the better part of 3 weeks scouring the internet for some of what I think are the best dresses for the 2011 party season. Links are provided below and if you would like nay more information please shoot me an email or failing that hit my up on my twitter account:

So from 10-6 here we go!


First up we have this lovely little number from Hobbs. The L.E Military dress is a far cry from Hobbs' usual fair and I have to compliment them for adding something that is so unusual for them. This would be something for the more adventurous and for those of the strawberry persuasion, body shape wise. Maximising shoulders and then balancing out with the waist detail this dress speaks volumes at any Christmas party letting the boss know you aren't to be messed with but know how to show your fun side!


A somewhat more floral affair from Monsoon for number nine, I chose this simply because it shows that florals can be styled up to look glam without having to go too far! On it's on this dress offers a lighter side to the party dress style but with it's A line skirt and fitted bodice still conforms quite nicely to the overall effect you want. Team this little beauty with a bit of sparkle like a gold stole or a black cape and you're away!


No party can be without a little Eastern Jewel! And this beautiful number from Topshop is just that! The tapestry design on the front and back is gorgeous and had to put in the top 10 simply because you cannot find anything like this on the highstreet without going either tacky or too expensive! Thank god for small mercies!
   The mandarin collar provides a sharp contrast to the rest of the dresses and as it stops mid-thigh it provides elegance yet an element of fun! Not for the feint of hearted but with a patent pair of peep toed heel and a pair of sheer tights you will look like you have stepped right off the orient express!


Oh M&S you never fail to provide! More specifically PerUna. I have been a fan of PerUna for years (helps that I worked with them!) And this animal print maxi dress doesn't fail to impress! With an embellished asymmetric shoulder, this dress adds something a bit different to the classic maxi dress. But where there is detail there is simplicity! The cinched waistline pulls the body in beautifully, addressing the ever monumental task of balancing any body shape. Then with it's vertical print slims whilst making sure you don't look like a blobby mess which some prints can do.
This is not just any dress- this is a M&S show-stopper that any foxy lady or demure diva will look fab in!


A recent find for even me, but thanks to a friend and her selfless mission to be the most stylist woman in IT, ASOS have slipped this gem onto their website. The plunging neckline is a joy to see as so many dresses currently avoid it in favour of a peter-pan or scoop necked cut. The benefit is that this will enhance your bust two fold- one it'll show off your cleavage without making you look like an exhibitionist and two provide height to those girls who are on the shorter side by making the torso look longer via an open neckline view.
   Granted with the slit down the centre of the dress it looks somewhat like a glitzy dressing gown without sleeves but this for me was a lovely change from all of the body-con dresses that seem to over populate the market.

So that's it for part one ladies- please have a nose at the lovely offerings above and enjoy! I have in my research found many a dress that may not have fitted quite the top 10 criteria but are nonetheless fabulous! Look out for those after my next post, 5-1 later this week!


  1. I like the No10 - a very unique and interesting design, and the Oriental TopShop dress is pretty. The rest aren't to my taste tbh but I can see that they are glam and perfect for the Christmas season :)

  2. OMG no.10's Gladiator stylings, I love it O.O